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Rave CHannel - Illusion

March 12, 2012
Their remix for Dash Berlin's 'Better Half Of Me' must have left a great impression, cause the latest single of Russian boy-girl duo Rave CHannel has found its home on Aropa! 'Illusion' is the energetic trancer that's ready to make the world move. Maxim Elin and Natalia Yakovleva have been building a name for the Rave CHannel project since 2009. With their unique live performances, they've gathered a loyal following and gained much appraise both in and outside their home country. Binding their forces, Rave CHannel certainly impressed Dash Berlin. Their remix for 'Better Half of Me', featuring an extra set of warm vocals by Natalia, now leads to their very own debut on Aropa. 'Illusion' has the power and energy to make 10.000 strong crowds go wild, but also has a great feel for the emotional side, landing a deep melody and silky sweet vocals. If you're looking for a slightly more proggy version of 'Illusion', try the Aimoon remix!


  1. 1. Illusion (Original Mix) (08:05)
  2. 2. Illusion (Original Dub Mix) (07:36)
  3. 3. Illusion (Aimoon Remix) (07:12)
  4. 4. Illusion (Aimoon Dub Mix) (07:12)
  5. 5. Illusion (Radio Edit) (04:11)
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