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Ralphie B - Ragnarok

October 07, 2013
He's left his mark on the Universal Religion Chapter 7 compilation, rocked the A State of Trance show and moved ten-thousands, if not millions of trance fans. Ralphie B's trademark sound continues to spread, through the energetic 'Ragnarok'. An intricate balance of melody, synth and energy. A tune that grabs you, holds you and doesn't let go. That's 'Ragnarok', the follow-up to 'Seize The Day', 'Delphi' and the mighty classic 'Massive'. We welcome it to the Captivating Sounds label, where it continues to rule.


  1. 1. Ragnarok (Original Mix) (08:35)
  2. 2. Ragnarok (Lounge Mix) (04:39)
  3. 3. Ragnarok (Radio Edit) (03:59)
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