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Ralphie B - Icarus / Demons Are Forever

April 09, 2012
Ralphie B gets us flying each and every single time. Driven by his significant sound, one of emotional melodies and energetic beats, is his dashing, new 'Icarus' E.P.! Ralphie B sure is no rookie to the game. His 'Midway - Monkey Forest' and 'Massive' have given the Dutch producer a head start, growing into two timeless trance classic which none will ever forget. In 2011, Ralph made his grand comeback with the magnificent 'Bullfrog', 'Delphi' and 'Epic Battle'. And there's more. Flying solo is the best way for this gifted producer to spread his wings, notching up two big trancers along en route up. Enjoy the uplifting, pure energy shot of 'Icarus', already taking in the hearts of the A State of Trance 2012 compilation listeners. Its techy edge but tender melody will make you grasp for air and give you that last bit of energy you just needed. If you're looking for a proggier piece of music, playful and diverse, check out 'Demons Are Forever', the strong B-side to this pack!


  1. 1. Icarus (Original Mix) (08:54)
  2. 2. Demons Are Forever (Original Mix) (08:45)
  3. 3. Icarus (Radio Edit) (03:43)
  4. 4. Demons Are Forever (Radio Edit) (03:38)
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