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Ralphie B - Helios / Hymn Of Legends

October 09, 2015
Returning to the far-famed A State Of Trance imprint after pure energy shots 'Icarus' and 'Demons Are Forever', Dutch DJ and producer Ralphie B is back with two brand new slammers. 'Helios' and 'Hymn Of Legends' are the embodiment of Trance music in its purest form, encompassing everything we love about the genre. If you're in the mood for gorgeous melodies, drifting atmospheres, and entrancing rhythms, this two-pack is the one to pick.


  1. 1. Helios (Radio Edit) (03:56)
  2. 2. Hymn Of Legends (Radio Edit) (03:45)
  3. 3. Helios (Original Mix) (08:38)
  4. 4. Hymn Of Legends (Original Mix) (07:47)
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