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RAI feat. Esther Van Hees - Keep My Cool

May 17, 2017
San Diego, 2007. The Bearded Man is attempting to take a red ’91 Toyota Corolla cross country, and this is the final leg of the trip towards Disneyland. He finds himself in the leftmost lane of a 6 or 7 lane freeway, in some of the worst traffic he’s ever seen. It’s getting late. Suddenly, the whirring and purring of the car stops, and it’s as if he’s in a sailboat going 90 miles an hour. “Ah! How nice. How peaceful. So quiet… Wait a minute… TOO quiet! OH SH**!!!! The car just died!!” The four people packed into the tiny vehicle start to panic, how is he going to cut across so many lanes of traffic to the shoulder? He swerves right. Cars are honking. Not much time before the car stops in the middle of the road. Sudden death is imminent. They make it to the side of the road, but it’s barely safe there. The radiator had exploded. The team is forced to wait 2 hours for the car to cool down, until they can add water to the radiator to drive the next mile to get off the freeway. When they do, they have to keep the heater on for the rest of the trip, and add water constantly for the next 20 miles until they find a mechanic. No one kept their cool. Somehow everyone survived.
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