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Push - Universal Voice Remixes EP

August 11, 2008
With the release of the original versions still fresh in mind and all four tracks still steady in your record bag it is time for a special remix release of the legendary Push! Three brand new mixes of the "Universal Voice E.P."!First out of the pack is the pumping remix Dutch producer Ruben de Ronde made out of "Back To The Essence". Dirty minimal beats combined with a heavy bassline make this version one to work with in the clubs!M.I.K.E. took care of the big room trancer, "Trance Indicator", under his Plastic Boy guise. The result is a hypnotizing blend of melodies and ofcourse the hands-in-the-air main lead make sure to get the crowd moving!Last but not least is the remix French producer Klems dit on "Voyager". He puts his signature sound on this great remix, which turned out to be a solid trancer!DJ Support:Judge Jules: Supporting Ruben de Ronde's mix twice already on my BBC1 show!Sander van Doorn: Really Like Trance Indicator!Cosmic Gate: Ruben's remix of Back to the Essence gets our support! Played at several parties like Dance ValleyArmin van Buuren: Nice mix by Ruben!


  1. 0. Back to the Essence (Ruben de Ronde Remix) (06:35)
  2. 0. Trance Indicator (Plastic Boy Remix (Bonus Track)) (07:25)
  3. 0. Voyager (Klems Remix (Bonus Track)) (07:43)
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