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Push and Klems - Tomorrow Is Another Day

October 19, 2009
Country-neighbors and fellow producers Mike Dierickx and Clément Gaillard joined forces in the studio, to collide their sounds. Clément, residing under the Klems moniker, is not new to the Club Elite sound. His 'Gated Sky', '5 Steps Ahead' and 'The Cube', progressive with a strong bite, were more than welcome to the strong imprint. It's needless to say that Mike, making waves with his Push moniker for more than 10 years already, doesn't need an introduction. He's got an ear for good stuff and an eye for talent that provides it. No wonder he teamed up with Klems, to bring us this solid clubtrack.'Tomorrow is Another Day' is a melodic-driven, sentient progressive tune. While Push provides the depths, Klems keeps the tempo solid and soothing, toying around with the touching melody without falling into drama. A strong, memorable track for dancefloor sessions that require a sound that drags everyone into it. The Caromax remix is more playful and trancy, with a faster tempo, while the Klems remix sticks to progressive-house with a funky touch in the break.


  1. 0. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Original Mix) (07:52)
  2. 0. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Klems Edit) (06:55)
  3. 0. Tomorrow Is Another Day (Caromax Edit) (08:18)
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