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Purple Stories - Black Warrior E.P.

May 27, 2013
Having understood the true meaning of big-room, Polish duo Purple Stories make their first, heavy steps on Coldharbour territory. With their 'Black Warrior' E.P., they provide three new addictions for fans of the deep, dark bass. Jacek Czeszak and Leszek Stachowiak have come a long way since bursting onto the scene only last year. After building their reputation through high class releases on Flashover and Digital, they're now ready to do some story telling with their Coldharbour debut. From the gushing energy of 'Black Warrior', to the dark shades of 'Locus', they travel to the big-room flavoured 'Level 13'. Three groovy, deep works of art, making a more than impressive debut.


  1. 1. Black Warrior (Original Mix) (06:58)
  2. 2. Room 13 (Original Mix) (06:20)
  3. 3. Locust (Original Mix) (06:52)
  4. 4. Black Warrior (Radio Edit) (03:20)
  5. 5. Room 13 (Radio Edit) (03:34)
  6. 6. Locust (Radio Edit) (03:41)
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