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Protoculture - Versiform

July 06, 2018
Making music is about more than just creating monumental records or floor-cracking speaker busters. As much as any other art form, it’s about growth, about sonic evolution, about wanting to push the envelope for the sake of creative freedom. To change and to adapt is to become better, and that’s exactly the notion that South Africa’s leading DJ/producer Protoculture has taken to heart in part one of his fifth artist album: ‘Versiform’. Ever intent on developing his sound and finding new ways to explore the dance music realm’s uncharted territories, Protoculture spotlights the many colors and flavors of his sound. Juggling shimmering Vocal Trance cuts and instrumental monster tunes throughout the nine-piece album, he shows a new side to his production skill that appeals to the Trance crowd in a new and exciting way. Helmed by breathtaking records such as ‘The Descent’ – a top favorite from Armin van Buuren himself – ‘Secret Weapon’ (feat. Sue McLaren) and ‘Thirty Three South’, this album makes clear in no uncertain terms that progress is power.

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