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Protoculture - Valley Of The Red Gods

February 23, 2018
With releases across the Armada spectrum, Nate Raubenheimer - he who proclaimed that ‘Music is More than Mathematics’ - is back on A State of Trance. Catching audiences in action-packed crossfire, the classic trance sound from South Africa’s number one DJ is boosted by elements of dubstep’s robo combat, taking breath with a mixture of tantalising voodoo and the captivatingly orchestral, and carrying both a lightness of touch while waging blood and thunder. “Everything he touches turns to musical gold” says Armin van Buuren: with this voyage through the ‘Valley…’, it’s easy to see why.

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  1. 1. Valley Of The Red Gods (03:57)
  2. 2. Valley Of The Red Gods (Extended Mix) (05:37)
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