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Protoculture feat. Tricia McTeague - Burning Bridges

June 23, 2013
After a range of strong instrumentals, South-Africa's Protoculture unveils another vocal gem. Carrying that classic 90's trance sound, mashed with today's flavours, is 'Burning Bridges' feat. Tricia McTeague. With more than a decade of experience in EDM -in many different styles - Protoculture knows how to keep his sounds fresh. Today's trance and prog lovers thank Re*Brand for snatching him up, and look forward to his upcoming artist album, in the works right now. A bit of a pre-taste, and pre-lude to summer, is the sound of 'Burning Bridges'. A melody driven trancer with a deep, proggy bass, riding the angelic voice of UK's Tricia McTeague.


  1. 1. Burning Bridges (Original Mix) (05:58)
  2. 2. Burning Bridges (Radio Edit) (04:07)
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