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Phillippe B and Jungle Brothers - I'll House You

April 07, 2008
A brand new rework of the all time classic I'll House You, on Mischa Daniels label Zouk Records. He took the honor to remix this great track himself which resulted in a pumping mix that will work well on the floors!! He has established himself in the house scene with hits like "Take Me Higher", "Are You Dreaming" and "Disconnected". A huge release for you to check out!


  1. 0. I'll House You (Mischa Daniels Mix) (06:07)
  2. 0. I'll House You (Romain Curtis Remix) (06:15)
  3. 0. I'll House You (Brown Sugar and Niko Deluka Remix) (08:07)
  4. 0. I'll House You (House Music all Night Long Mix) (06:02)
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