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Peter Juergens & Stefan Dabruck - Love It Again

November 12, 2012
After collaborating with the likes of Christian Burns and Tocadisco, Stefan Dabruck presents his next weapon of choice. Through the sounds of 'Love It Again', he heads for the proggy depths, with Peter Jürgens at his side. Following the success of the contagious 'Saturn' and poppy 'Bullet', Stefan Dabruck shows that there's absolutely no style he can't handle. He invited German producer Peter Jürgens, better known as Ten Madison or Peter Gun, who's not only known for his outstanding chill-out albums, but also knows how to stir things up on the dance floor. Joined forces, they create a sound that collides the dark, eerie side of house with the warm, melodic flow of progressive. 'Love It Again' is the type of warm-up tune that can get any crowd started.


  1. 1. Love It Again (Original Mix) (07:23)
  2. 2. Love It Again (Radio Edit) (03:30)
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