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Paul Webster - Punchbag

May 24, 2010
Summer’s about to break loose, and so is the new Paul Webster! Still wearing the ‘up and coming’ tag, but definitely high-scoring the production-game, this Irish DJ/ producer has taken hold of the tech-trance scene with tracks like ‘Corruption’, ‘Istanbul’, ‘The Wolf’ and vocal trancer ‘Time’. Within three years, the scene has acknowledged that with a fine Paul Webster fix, any party can be upgraded to ravishing, all-destroying heights. Every single anthem off his hand kicks in hard, so it should come as no surprise that ‘Punchbag’ is another killer. Heart-throbbing bass, a sturdy build-up and a melodic story unfolding in the break – as a surprise after all. Webster’s put all his energy in this ‘Punchbag’, and it sure shows.


  1. 0. Punchbag (Original Mix) (08:13)
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