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Paul Webster - High Voltage

August 09, 2010
Shortly after becoming part of the Armada Music family, he already delivers a new, tough but delicious cookie of a trance masterpiece. Since 2007, the Irish DJ and producer Paul Webster indulges the scene with pure driving tech-trance. In the past three years, there was no getting around his 'Istanbul' and 'Problems', making him a resident in the playlist of all elite DJ's. "From time to time I experiment with the more hands-in-the-air type of uplifting trance but always keep that 'nailz' feel to it", is how Paul likes to describe his own style. With new floor filler 'High Voltage', shortly after his Subculture 'Punchbag' release, it's obvious his style is a sure-shot on the floors. 'High Voltage' is a base-driven melodic beauty with a clear and indulging piano line. Though 'High Voltage' has its balance on the uplifting side of trance, it still rides that typical Webster sound. On the remix, Jordan Suckley increases the voltage to an even higher level. His version of 'High Voltage' is full of energy and takes away the uplifting feel of the original, to replace it with tech-trance. Support by:Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Andy Moor,  Eddie Halliwell, M.I.K.E, David Forbes, Leon Bolier, Menno de Jong, Dave Pearce, Lange, Bobina, M6, Bart Claessen, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Sophie Sugar, Talla 2 XLC, Jon O’Bir, Artento Divini.


  1. 0. High Voltage (Original Mix) (07:56)
  2. 0. High Voltage (Matt Skyer Remix) (07:44)
  3. 0. High Voltage (Jordan Suckley Remix) (07:16)
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