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Paul van Dyk - Evolution

April 05, 2012
The first week of April sees Paul van Dyk - multi-award winning DJ/Producer and internationally renowned EDM envoy - plant his next album milestone. The follow-up to ‘In Between’, ‘Evolution’ has been 5 years in the waiting, 10 months in the making and draws on two full decades of musical composition experience. It features collaborations with a full spectrum of producers, singers and lyricists – EDM and otherwise. “‘EVOLUTION’ isn’t about feeding the machine”, says Paul. “I started to record it when I felt the time was right and that was perhaps not the same as when the industry expected it. When I began to work on the album, there was no deadline and no predetermined musical remit. No managers saying, ‘you need to work with this person/that person’. What came, came, and I found using this process exhilarating. Given the method, the fact that ‘Evolution’s jigsaw has all slotted into place so well is the ultimate satisfaction for me.”   As far back as The Visions of Shiva, van Dyk’s belief in the dynamic of the studio collaboration hasn’t wavered. On ‘EVOLUTION’ though he takes this to an entirely new level. Regular PvD watchers will likely already be onside with many of the artists accompanying him on its tracklist. They are performers spotlighted by Paul on a regular basis, either in-club, on his radio show, or both, who all, in their way, bring evolutionary aspects to his sixth studio-based album. ‘EVOLUTION’ features collaborations with the likes of Arty, Adam Young, Ummet Ozcan, Sarah Howells, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Austin Leeds and many more.  Artful when it chooses to be, ballistic when required, van Dyk’s 6th shows that a filler-free artist album isn’t only a possibility, but entirely achievable. 15 astounding new studio creations from Berlin’s favourite son are about to be unveiled – the Evolution starts April 6th!


  1. 1. Paul van Dyk feat. Austin Leeds - Symmetries (Album Mix) (05:41)
  2. 2. Paul van Dyk feat. Arty - The Ocean (Album Mix) (06:09)
  3. 3. Paul van Dyk feat. Adam Young - - Eternity (Album Mix) (03:33)
  4. 4. Paul van Dyk feat. Austin Leeds - Verano (Album Version) (04:34)
  5. 5. Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (Album Mix) (06:47)
  6. 6. Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren & Arty - The Sun After Heartbreak (Album Mix) (04:57)
  7. 7. Paul van Dyk - Rock This (Album Mix) (04:48)
  8. 8. Paul van Dyk feat. Ummet Ozcan - Dae Yor (03:33)
  9. 9. Paul van Dyk feat. Tyler Michaud & Fisher - All The Way (Album Mix) (06:16)
  10. 10. Paul van Dyk feat. Caligola - If You Want My Love (Album Mix) (03:08)
  11. 11. Paul van Dyk feat. Michelle Leonard - Lost In Berlin (Album Mix) (06:42)
  12. 12. Paul van Dyk feat. Fieldwork - Everywhere (Album Mix) (06:41)
  13. 13. Paul van Dyk feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani - A Wonderful Day (Album Mix) (05:24)
  14. 14. Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren - We Come Together (Album Mix) (05:50)
  15. 15. Paul van Dyk feat. Sarah Howells - Heart Stops Beating (Album Mix) (04:55)
  16. 16. Paul van Dyk feat. Michelle Leonard - Love Ammunition - Bonus Track (Album Mix) (06:50)
  17. 17. Paul van Dyk - Senses - Bonus Track (Album Mix) (05:47)
  18. 18. Paul van Dyk feat. Kyau & Albert - Open My Eyes - Bonus Track (Album Mix) (05:56)
  19. 19. Paul van Dyk feat. Daniel Nitt - The Falling - Bonus Track (Album Mix) (04:54)
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