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Paul Trainer - Elusive

January 18, 2010
The tech-trance forces are at full speed. One of the upcoming names that impressed the dancefloor movers most in 2009, was Paul Trainer. The Scotsman, that doesn't limit himself to one style, released some heavy-weights on the Captivating Sound imprint. 'Comply or Die' and 'Seize The Day' now see their official follow-up, but this time it's the A State of Trance label that snatched up this bit of beat-design. 'Elusive' serves a firm kick in the head, leaving its listeners in a total awe with its roaming synth, inflammable kick and banging beat. A techy gem like this doesn't come around very often. Irish DJ/Producer Gary Maguire treated this track as if it were his own - and gave 'Elusive' a groovy bite to it.


  1. 0. Elusive (Original Mix) (06:08)
  2. 0. Elusive (Gary Maguire Remix) (06:10)
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