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Paul Trainer - Deal With It

February 15, 2010
Whether you're able to handle it or not, the classy tech-trance sounds of Paul Trainer you have to deal with. There's no way of avoiding them on the floor, cause this guy's tunes are going places and find the support of the highest DJ elite. The Scottish producer is still recovering from the wave of positive feedback he got on his 'Comply Or Die', 'Seize The Day' and 'Elusive' releases. 'Deal With It' is another sure-shot at success for the youngster. Unavoidable beats, an in-your-face-bass, a mind and body-shivering trancy melody and the techy outburst right after the break that makes you go wild…it's got all Trainer ingredients. And you know that's all you need to start a party on the floor. The Rapid Sense remix of 'Deal With It' is all about the more uplifting side of trance, with more depth and trancier stabs than the original.


  1. 1. Deal With It (Original Mix) (07:11)
  2. 2. Deal With It (Rapid Sense Remix) (07:39)
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