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Paul Oakenfold - Turn It On

July 01, 2013
After a string of big vocal releases on Perfecto this year the time was right for label boss Paul Oakenfold to divert his attentions to the underground and take the helm once again for a kick ass production on Perfecto Fluoro. Following on beautifully from his 2012 hits "Glow in The Dark" and "Come Together" this new single "Turn It On" sees Paul at his dark, melodic best - fusing Goa with Psy with acid - this is driving trance of a seriously powerful nature. "Turn it On" boasts a fresh, futuristic sound where the riffs are uplifting yet melancholic and the production is razor sharp. This is serious music for purist Fluoro fans who like things darker with a touch of the psychedelic. Buckle yourself in, turn it on and turn it up!!


  1. 1. Turn It On (Original Mix) (07:44)
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