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Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun

April 22, 2013
Following in the footsteps of recent massive back catalogue releases - "Bullet in The Gun", "ResuRection" and "Not Over Yet" we bring you the first of two packages of new remixes of "Southern Sun". A Perfecto classic of mammoth proportions "Southern Sun" was a lead single of Paul Oakenfold's massive No.1 selling artist album "Bunkka" which was released on Madonna's Maverick record label in 2002. Headlining the package of remixes is a classy prog house reworking from Moe Aly - who recently debuted on Perfecto with the massive single "Atlanta". After Paul Oakenfold hammered Cold Blue's 2012 hit "Coconut" relentlessly for several months it seemed right that we ask this uber talent to take on the challenge of creating something new with such a prestigious title as "Southern Sun". The boy done good! A dark and moody version that crosses several genres and that will surely be a favourite with both trance and prog djs alike. Last up is Toolroom Records regular and Godskitchen resident Paul Thomas going progressive in a traditional sense with a Pryda-esque take on of "Southern Sun" that will undoubtedly go down a storm this summer at festivals around the globe. Another Sun-sational release from Perfecto - just in time for the Festival season.


  1. 1. Southern Sun (Moe Aly Remix) (07:01)
  2. 2. Southern Sun (Cold Blue's Dark Remix) (07:06)
  3. 3. Southern Sun (Cold Blue's Dark Dub Mix) (06:08)
  4. 4. Southern Sun (Paul Thomas Remix) (06:22)
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