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Paul Oakenfold - Never Mind The Bollocks… Here's Paul Oakenfold

July 15, 2011
Paul Oakenfold has always been a DJ who has refused to give himself exclusively to one genre. Throughout his career his sets have always been musically varied but consistently melodic and energetic. This variety and adaptability have led to an equally varied spectrum of live shows – from warming up for U2 and Madonna on worldwide arena tours through to sunrise sets at underground Psy raves – Paul Oakenfold’s ability to rock any crowd is unique. In Paul’s own words…. Paul:”I’ve always played a variety of records from across the board. I like melodic music with energy and punch. I can’t think of anything more claustrophobic than being stuck playing one sound.” During the 90’s Paul was at the forefront of the Goa sound with his Perfecto Fluoro label and associated artists. Today, with a vibrant new line up of producers from different genre backgrounds, Perfecto Fluoro has re-launched with a fresh sound – encompassing different styles but with a common vibe and attitude that stays true to the ethics of the label’s output during its first life. Never mind The Bollocks is a showcase of Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Full on Fluoro’ sound that he has been playing at a number of his gigs over the last 8 months. As with his live sets – on Nevermind the Bollocks Paul has aimed to set aside any restrictions or rules about sourcing of material as well as any pressures to conform with one sound over another. As well as officially announcing Paul’s rekindled love of all things Goa – Nevermind the Bollocks also gives an authoritative exposé of the new sounds emanating from Paul’s labels right now, with no less than 13 tracks included from Perfecto and Perfecto Fluoro. Paul: “Jonas Hornblad made me a great new version of Grace ‘Not Over Yet’ which I love and there’s a strong vocal track from Senadee called ‘Life Support Machine’ which is coming out on Perfecto. Those are on the first CD and then with the Perfecto Fluoro material I selected I wanted to have a mixture of new tracks from our latest signings like Beatman & Ludmilla and Federation with some new remixes of big tunes from the back catalogue. I took my 3 favourite Man with No Name singles from back in the day, ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘Teleport’ and ‘Floor Essence’, and had them remixed by some of the exciting producers currently linked to the label – HAARP, Nick Sentience and Apogee. I was also really pleased to get some killer exclusive tracks for the album including a couple of rocking Fluoro tracks from Tom Colontonio and Jamie Harrison.” As well as displaying the skills of an array of new producers linked to Perfecto Fluoro – Nevermind the Bollocks hosts several Paul Oakenfold Productions including his latest single ‘Tokyo’, which has now enjoyed one month at the top of the Beatport Breaks Chart courtesy of a killer remix from Perfecto Fluoro’s Beatman & Ludmilla. Other highlights include Paul’s collaboration with Marco V titled ‘Groove Machine’ (out on Perfecto Records 27th June), his track with Infected Mushroom called ‘I’m Alive’ and his forthcoming single on Perfecto Fluoro ‘Full Moon Party’ which will be out at the end of the summer. Nevermind the Bollocks…’s Paul Oakenfold…. is a straight up two fingered salute to all industry politics, a complete focus of all energies on the music and nothing else. Nevermind the Bollocks is 41 energetic tracks – each meticulously chosen by Paul from an unrestricted array of sources with no regard for release date, artist name, label or genre. Nevermind the Bollocks is two and a half hours of Paul Oakenfold doing what he does best – delivering the goods. Download on iTunes (available July 15th).Order the 2CD from (available July 22nd). Listen at Spotify.


  1. 0. Rocky & NOK - Green Sector (Neelix Remix) (05:29)
  2. 0. Zyce - Basic (Original Mix) (07:32)
  3. 0. Liquid Soul - Adrenaline (Original Mix) (07:50)
  4. 0. Earsugar & Doube Click - Beat It (Original Mix) (07:44)
  5. 0. DJ Danila - Let The Music (Belocca Remix) (07:02)
  6. 0. Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E - Aurora (Airwave Breaks Remix) (08:03)
  7. 0. The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Ronski Speed Remix Edit) (04:55)
  8. 0. Paul Oakenfold & Marco V - Groove Machine (Original Mix Edit) (05:39)
  9. 0. Neelix - Expect What (Original Mix) (08:12)
  10. 0. Cold Blue - Lucidity (Edit) (03:08)
  11. 0. Paul Oakenfold feat. Infected Mushroom - I'm Alive (Edit) (03:23)
  12. 0. Magnus - Hypnotic (Original Mix) (08:010)
  13. 0. Federation - Synchronized (Original Mix) (08:23)
  14. 0. Audiomatic - Think Twice (Cabal Remix) (08:26)
  15. 0. Richard Durand - Dryland (Phynn Remix) (07:57)
  16. 0. Daddy's Groove & Little Mark - We Are In Da House (Original Mix) (06:49)
  17. 0. Man With No Name - Teleport (Nick Sentience Remix Edit) (04:19)
  18. 0. Ernesto vs Bastian - The Incredible Apollo (Original Mix) (06:50)
  19. 0. Grace - Not Over Yet (Jonas Hornblad Remix Edit) (04:33)
  20. 0. Mike Danis - For You (Edit) (03:37)
  21. 0. Tom Colontonio - Vertical Drop (Edit) (06:18)
  22. 0. Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Edit) (04:39)
  23. 0. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix) (09:42)
  24. 0. Nick Sentience - Hear Me Now (Original Mix) (04:58)
  25. 0. Animalis - Mumbo Jumbo Business (Original Mix) (06:51)
  26. 0. Duotekk - Zlow (Original Mix) (09:06)
  27. 0. Des McMahon - Autumn Air (John Dopping Remix) (08:010)
  28. 0. Protoculture feat. Shannon Hurley - Sun Gone Down (Edit) (03:32)
  29. 0. Norin & Rad vs Audien - Thrust (Edit) (03:39)
  30. 0. Justin Oh - Wait For You (Original Mix) (07:52)
  31. 0. Marcos - Take Cover (Sonic Element Mix) (07:31)
  32. 0. Beat Service feat. Emma Lock - Cut And Run (Original Mix) (08:14)
  33. 0. Paul Oakenfold - Tokyo (Beatman and Ludmilla Remix) (06:04)
  34. 0. Yodis - Amore Trio (Original Mix) (08:31)
  35. 0. Man With No Name - Sugar Rush (HAARP Remix Edit) (04:18)
  36. 0. Kyota - Nemo (B-Vibes Remix) (08:26)
  37. 0. Michael Dow - Desert Storm (Original Mix) (07:47)
  38. 0. Man With No Name - Floor Essence (Apogee Remix Edit) (04:04)
  39. 0. Jamie Harrison - Bucky Balls (Edit) (04:18)
  40. 0. Senadee - Life Support Machine (Bissen Remix Edit) (04:45)
  41. 0. Maguire - Face Yesterday (Edit) (04:05)
  42. 0. Paul Oakenfold - Never Mind The Bollocks"¦ Here's Paul Oakenfold (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2) (78:05.9999)
  43. 0. Paul Oakenfold - Never Mind The Bollocks"¦ Here's Paul Oakenfold (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 1) (75:21)
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