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Paul Oakenfold - Madagascar

June 23, 2014
"Trance Mission" is Paul Oakenfold's new album. It features a collection of Oakie covers of some of his all time favourite records and "Madagascar" (originally by Art of Trance) is the fourth single from the album (Following Toca Me, Café Del Mar and Ready Steady Go). And this one is for the die hard Fluoro fans. "Madagascar" was released on Simon Berry's Platipus label in 1998 and has seen a number of remixes since. Paul: "This was a huge record by Art of Trance who were amazing pioneering producers signed to Platipus Records back in the day. This first came out in 1998 with remixes from Cygnus X and then the record went stratospheric when Ferry Corsten and PUSH remixed it little later. This was Cream Courtyard anthem of massive proportions and it was a lot of fun making this new cover version, which I wanted to keep in a pumping full on trance style." As well as the killer original which features Paul in full throttle Fluoro mode "Madagascar" features new remixes from trance stalwart Yahel and, fresh from his remix of The Smuggler From Bombay, 140 tech god Harmonic Rush. Mac & Monday complete the package with a classy take in trademark M&M style. Trance Mission album is released on June 20th.


  1. 1. Madagascar (Radio Edit) (03:29)
  2. 2. Madagascar (Yahel Radio Edit) (03:21)
  3. 3. Madagascar (Harmonic Rush Radio Edit) (03:39)
  4. 4. Madagascar (Mac & Monday Radio Edit) (03:29)
  5. 5. Madagascar (Original Mix) (06:44)
  6. 6. Madagascar (Yahel Remix) (05:52)
  7. 7. Madagascar (Harmonic Rush Remix) (06:45)
  8. 8. Madagascar (Mac & Monday Remix) (07:08)
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