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Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss - Firefly

October 04, 2010
Two legends of their very own league unite for a musical fusion called 'Firefly'. Paul Oakenfold, who's ruled dance floors for over 20 years, whether through his classics, remixes or albums, collaborates with UK singer Matt Goss. Matt Goss, ex-lead singer of 80's pop group Bros., known for their global hit 'When Will I Be Famous', smoothens the beats of the true Oakenfold sound with his characteristic voice. 'Firefly' makes pop and trance music come together, in a deep, dark but uplifting whole. Danceable, contagious and soothing for the ear. Paul Oakenfold does it again.


  1. 1. Firefly (Radio Edit) (03:08)
  2. 2. Firefly (Loverush UK! Remix) (06:28)
  3. 3. Firefly (Kenneth Thomas Remix) (07:30)
  4. 4. Firefly (Nat Monday Remix) (06:42)
  5. 5. Firefly (Robert Vadney Remix) (06:26)
  6. 6. Firefly (Swedish Egil & Carl Noren Remix) (07:45)
  7. 7. Firefly (Loverush UK! Radio Mix) (03:41)
  8. 8. Firefly (Kenneth Thomas Radio Mix) (03:49)
  9. 9. Firefly (Robert Vadney Radio Mix) (03:14)
  10. 10. Firefly (Loverush UK! Instrumental Mix) (06:28)
  11. 11. Firefly (Robert Vadney Dub Mix) (06:26)
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