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Paul Oakenfold feat. J Hart - Touched By You

August 26, 2013
Label boss Paul Oakenfold makes another quality contribution to his illustrious catalogue with a second collaboration with J Hart. Taking the baton from running partner "Surrender" - "Touched By You" sprints on ahead with vigor. Heading the package - a storming mix from Mike Hawkins the 2012 Warner signing who's music has seen releases on EMI / Virgin, Positiva, Ultra and Spinnin. The bassline is colossal. Absolutely colossal. Next up Polish house-meister Tom Swoon brings us a huge big room mix. Last but not least Disfunktion return - following on from their recent hit "Beautiful World" with Mr. Oakenfold & Spitfire. Touched by You?


  1. 1. Touched By You (Mike Hawkins Remix) (04:30)
  2. 2. Touched By You (Tom Swoon Remix) (06:51)
  3. 3. Touched By You (Disfunktion Remix) (06:28)
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