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Paul Oakenfold - DJ Box - Best Of 2011

December 21, 2011
Rocking millions of dance loving souls on a daily base, has been reality to living legend Paul Oakenfold. On top of the scene for more the 25 years and responsible for setting up one of the most popular record labels in EDM, Perfecto, Oakenfold knows more than well how to get the crowd going. This year, he kicked off his monthly DJ Box, a selection of the key tracks he uses in his DJ sets. To celebrate another great year in music, Paul now presents a ‘Best of 2011’ edition of the series! Including tracks and remixes by Justin Oh, Mia Dahli, Max Graham vs Protoculture, Sunleed, Beat Service, Ce Ce Peniston and of course Oakenfold himself! 


  1. 1. Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Original Mix) (07:53)
  2. 2. Grace - Not Over Yet (Max Graham vs Protoculture Remix) (08:28)
  3. 3. Justin Oh - Wait For You (Original Mix) (07:52)
  4. 4. Oakenfold feat. Tamra - Sleep (Marcus Schossow Perfecto Mix) (06:45)
  5. 5. Mia Dahli - Need You Now (Kenneth Thomas Remix) (07:45)
  6. 6. Paul Oakenfold - Tokyo (Beatman and Ludmilla Remix) (06:04)
  7. 7. Ce Ce Peniston feat. Joyriders - Finally (Roman Hunter Remix) (07:03)
  8. 8. Sunleed - Rising Moons (Original Mix) (08:43)
  9. 9. Man With No Name - Sugar Rush (Astrix Remix) (07:07)
  10. 10. Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix) (08:010)
  11. 11. Beat Service feat. Emma Lock - Cut And Run (Original Mix) (08:14)
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