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ATB - Pages (feat. HALIENE)

August 04, 2017
After releasing his brand new and tenth studio album ‘neXt‘ earlier this year – followed by the massive tunes ‘Connected’, ‘Message Out To You' and 'Pages (feat. HALIENE)', ATB strikes back with a great remix package of 'Pages' right on time for the festival season! Pages convinces with a catchy melody that instantly stays in your head! Together with the notorious ATB beats, this track is a further creative milestone of his craft. HALIENE’s unique voice gives this track something special and creates a goose bump feeling. Brand new remixes by Sebastien and T.M.O. will definitely hit this year’s summer festivals with a sun kissed catchy vibe. On top the remix package includes a festival banger remix by ATB himself: ATB’s Festival Mix!


  1. 1. Pages (feat. HALIENE) (Sebastien Remix) (03:34)
  2. 2. Pages (feat. HALIENE) (T.M.O. Remix) (02:51)
  3. 3. Pages (feat. HALIENE) (ATB's Festival Mix) (03:35)
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