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Outsiders - Hallowed

August 08, 2008
The fifth release on State Recordings with the name Outsiders with the title "Hallowed", a new elegant vocal track for the dance-floors. Simon & Shaker and David Amo & Julio Naves, 4 producers who are very well respected on the underground around the globe supply the remixes. On side A, label owners Simon & Shaker supply another great quality remix. On the flip you will find a remix by Amo & Navas from Fresco Records, they add a remix in their unique style that has got them noticed on all the dance-floors around the globe. Another sure fire release from State that will be rocking clubs worldwide.


  1. 0. Hallowed (Simon & Shaker remix) (09:20)
  2. 0. Hallowed (David Amo & Julio Navas remix) (07:46)
Keplar quality