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Orjan Nilsen - Vivida / Silver State

October 06, 2008
The summer of 2008 just couldn't be any better for Norwegian producer and dj talent Ørjan Nilsen. In almost every club, beach club and at every major event and festival his smashing hit sounded through the speakers. 'La Guitarra' conquered the scene with its magical combination of the perfect summer guitar and a contagious drive.To top this success and prove he has a lot more in stores for you, Ørjan did a lot of hard work to produce a couple of new and smashing club tracks. And what a tracks they turned out to be! Both 'Vivida' and 'Silver State' got the potential, or better said: wíll drive those dance lovers on the dance floor mad. Because one thing's for sure: these are two solid, banging club tracks!'Silverstate' is a deep and sensitive, yet swinging combination with catchy guitar riffs, soft vocals and playfull effects. 'Vivida' bangs even harder and has the likings of tech-trance influenced by house, with an exciting build up and an amazing impact when the break kicks in, which reveals a delicious, firm guitarplay. Ørjan did it again. DJ SUPPORT:Armin van Buuren: Amazing EP again, both tracks steady in my bag!Gareth Emery: Supporting in my podcast and gigs!Above&Beyond: Supporting Vivida!Sied van Riel: playing these tracks!David Forbes: will support these!


  1. 0. Silver State (Original Mix) (07:43)
  2. 0. Vivida (Original Mix) (07:47)
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