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Orjan Nilsen - Violetta

May 06, 2013
If anything binds the tangle of styles that rock Orjan Nilsen's productions, it's energy. And there's plenty of that served on his new one. The second single of his upcoming album is the shiny, big-room loaded 'Violetta'! Hot off the dark shaded 'No Saint Out Of Me', the Norwegian producer sets the tone with another 7 minute work of art. The pre-taste of what awaits us of his second artist album, the follow-up to the successful 'In My Opinion', is more than promising. It's unlike any of his previous works, yet carries that unmistakable Nilsen sound. Building at a right speed, rapidly unfolding its melodic character and kicking in right after its break. That's what 'Violetta' is all about. Another tune that deserves the Armind halo on top.


  1. 1. Violetta (Original Mix) (06:53)
  2. 2. Violetta (Radio Edit) (03:15)
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