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Orjan Nilsen - Mjuzik

March 21, 2011
With his debut album on the horizon, an unstoppable flow of creativity has taken control of Ørjan Nilsen. He's bursting with inspiration, producing one brilliant style-fusion after another. 'La Guitarra', 'So Long Radio', 'Shoutbox' and 'Go Fast!' all left his Norwegian studio at the speed of sound, sweeping the global floors with a blend of house, trance and progressive. Expect the unexpected once again, for his latest masterpiece, 'Mjuzik', is about to kick in.     Lighting up the techno-orientated side of Ørjan's production talent, ‘Mjuzik’ starts out sounding deep and tight. But don't label it too fast. ‘Mjuzik’ unfolds like a flower awakened by sun, revealing a lovely piece of progressive-trance right after the break. A strong piece of music, feeding the expectations for the upcoming album. As if not diverse enough already, Ørjan put on his Orion mask to give 'Mjuzik' that little extra push of dance-ability. A higher tempo, indulging new effects and strong, bold beats to cause even more mayhem on the floors. 


  1. 0. Mjuzik (Original Mix) (07:48)
  2. 0. Mjuzik (Orion Remix) (06:35)
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