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Orjan Nilsen - Lucky Strike/ Legions

January 23, 2012
Ørjan Nilsen is unstoppable. Locking himself into his studio brings up one shiny, musical jewel after the next. The Norwegian producer has big stuff ahead for 2012. Can it get any bigger than 'Lucky Strike' and 'Legions'? In 2011, EDM land was introduced to his debut album 'In My Opinion', trembling the world with its 18 masterpieces. But Ørjan was craving more, with diversity as his motive. 'Viking' and 'Atchoo!', as well as stunning remixes for the likes of John O'Callaghan, M.I.K.E., Armin van Buuren, became the objects of affection for thousands of music lovers. And more they will get. Both 'Lucky Strike' and 'Legions' are the type of tune that can move the mass, bring a night to its boiling point and give any party its highlight moment. 'Lucky Strike' is playful, cheeky and energetic. 'Legions' is the more serious of the two, with a touching vocals and dramatic melody line. Power and impact, that's what Ørjan's tunes are all about.


  1. 1. Lucky Strike (Original Mix) (07:49)
  2. 2. Legions (Original Mix) (07:31)
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