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Orjan Nilsen & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Apart

March 17, 2014
Driving down the freeway slightly too fast... There’s a spot inside all of us that cries out for a beautiful radio tune, no matter how much we try to convince our friends that it’s “too commercial”. Given the backgrounds of both Ørjan Nilsen & Jonathan Mendelsohn, it’s clear that these guys have a very “credible” pedigree. The melody, 'Jonathan Mendelsohn’ vocals, and the lyrics of ‘Apart’ are transcendental. No matter what package they’re put in, they work wonders. Mike Shiver, and Martin Volt & Quentin State had a field day with their respective mixes, bringing this anthemic gem to the club spotlight it deserves. With these remixes, prepare to fall in love with ‘Apart’ all over again.


  1. 1. Apart (Mike Shiver Radio Edit) (03:47)
  2. 2. Apart (Martin Volt & Quentin State Radio Edit) (03:15)
  3. 3. Apart (Mike Shiver Remix) (07:20)
  4. 4. Apart (Martin Volt & Quentin State Remix) (05:11)
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