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Orjan Nilsen feat. Neev Kennedy - Anywhere But Here

May 30, 2011
A lot has happened since Ørjan's double release 'Arctic Globe' & 'Prison Break' wowed the global crowds back in 2006. Masterpieces like 'La Guitarra', 'So Long Radio' and 'Go Fast!' became huge hits, destroyed dancefloor after dancefloor and gave a clear picture of this extraordinary musical talent: when dealing with Norwegian DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen, you better expect the unexpected! With his debut album, 'In My Opinion', on the horizon, Mr. Diversity gave himself some new challenges. He invited Neev Kennedy for a musical collab , whose mesmerizing voice already blew us away on Max Graham's 'Sun In The Winter'. The outcome of the productive hours fusing their talents has now been revealed on the Armind label. 'Anywhere But Here' is a heartfelt, prog-trance track with a silky smooth touch. Ørjan once again shows the time is ripe for his debut album, and all the jewels that come along with it. 'Anywhere But Here', versatile in sounds, invited Björn Akesson and Radion6 for some remix action. If you need some more energy, the bit more uplifting take of 'Anywhere But Here' Swedish producer Björn Akesson will serve you well. Experiencing a heavy crush on progressive and the deeper sounds? Then let Radion6 please you with their very original take on 'Anywhere But Here'. Proggy delight that makes Neev's voice sound even more powerful. A lovely beat ballad with all the right ingredients to blow your mind.


  1. 0. Anywhere But Here (Original Mix) (08:22)
  2. 0. Anywhere But Here (Radion 6 Remix) (05:10)
  3. 0. Anywhere But Here (Bjorn Akesson Remix) (09:31)
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