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Orjan Nilsen - Endymion

May 28, 2012
A creative mind is a joy forever. One thing's for sure about Orjan Nilsen's : it just doesn't stop delivering the right beats, melodies and flow. This time, he lets you hear it for 'Endymion'. Following the big bassed 'Amsterdam' and high-scoring 'Belter' with Armin van Buuren, Orjan Nilsen brings in another fresh taste of what he's got in stores. 'Endymion' rushes through your body, tingling it with a strong build-up, melodic core and techy outburst. Another shiny highlight, following Nilsen's course to the very top of the EDM industry.


  1. 1. Endymion (Original Mix) (07:37)
  2. 2. Endymion (Original Mix Edit) (03:52)
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