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Orjan Nilsen - Copperfield

November 05, 2012
There's a touch of magic to each and every production that leaves Ørjan Nilsen's studio. With his latest musical offer on the Armind label, 'Copperfield', he shows some real magician's tricks. Creating highlights for your nights out and festival adventures, isn't a seasonal thing for the Norwegian producer. Ørjan Nilsen delivers, whether it's freezing cold (and it often is in his hometown Kirkenes) or scorching hot outside. He lights the clubbing soul, kicking in with a worthy follow-up to 'Endymion', 'Amsterdam' and Armin van Buuren collab 'Belter'. A real belter of a tune, is his rough-edged 'Copperfield'. Endlessly playing with diversity, 'Copperfield' cuts the raw edge of tech-house, to fall into a swirl of piano and synth melody in its stunning break. Trance makes its grand return right after, and takes you to a full-on outburst of Nilsen sounds. We love it.


  1. 1. Copperfield (Original Mix) (07:09)
  2. 2. Copperfield (Radio Edit) (02:51)
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