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Orjan Nilsen - Burana / Filthy Fandango

October 15, 2012
Tingled by diversity, Orjan Nilsen has his creative mind set to a full speed production pace. With the open-minded 'Burana' and 'Filthy Fandango', the Norwegian producers heads for big-room nirvana. There's no stopping the hit machine that is Orjan Nilsen. Shortly after his 'Phireworx', 'Endymion' and Armin van Buuren collab 'Belter', one of EDM's biggest producer talents lands a new duo to serve the masses. 'Burana', featured on Armin's 'Universal Religion Chapter 6' and a deep, but peak-time fit low-BPM type of tune. 'Filthy Fandango', bringing out the dark, techy side of the Norwegian talent, already one of W&W's favourite on their 'Mainstage 2012 Vol.1' album. Two tasty big bites from the man that so many have gone to admire.


  1. 1. Burana (Original Mix) (06:10)
  2. 2. Filthy Fandango (Original Mix) (05:58)
  3. 3. Burana (Radio Edit) (02:33)
  4. 4. Filthy Fandango (Radio Edit) (02:48)
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