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Orjan Nilsen - Be As One (La Guitarra)

August 11, 2008
Norwegian producer Orjan Nilsen created this fantastic guitar driven track called La Guiterra for Armin van Buurens label Armind. Tipped by many to become THE summer anthem of 2008! This release contains the Marcus Schössow remix, the original and Orjan's own Balearic mix!La Guitarra is Armin van Buuren's absolute favorite track of the moment and is the starting track for his "Mixmag Cover CD”, which will be featured with next months issue.DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: Heavy support on every single gig that i have played last 2 months!Andy Moor: Both great tracks, supportingSignum: Fantastic package, full supportJohn O'Callaghan: Been playing in all my early sets, works very wellMarkus Schulz: Supporting this great track!Ernesto vs. Bastian: Super track this is, like all mixes!! full support!Stoneface & Terminal: absolute perfect Atmosphere full SupportEDX: nice work, well done! will play!Charlie G (IDJ Mag): Wicked.. Well into both of these!! Hot!Kris O'Neil: An unreal blend of tech, prog, housy and trancy stuff - definately the anthem of the summer!


  1. 0. Be As One (La Guitarra) (03:08)
  2. 0. La Guitarra (Radio Edit) (02:53)
  3. 0. La Guitarra (Extended Mix) (08:18)
  4. 0. La Guitarra (Orjan Nilsen Balaeric Mix) (08:35)
  5. 0. La Guitarra (Marcus Schossow Remix) (08:05)
  6. 0. La Guitarra (Omnia Remix) (07:33)
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