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Organ Donors - Harder Edge E.P.

September 17, 2012
Describe to me the Organ Donors sound? Well it's a cocktail. It's a cocktail made up of tough, dirty electronic melodies, razor sharp beats, programmed immaculately with "funk" and "funk you" in equal measure. How do you serve it? It's best served with a healthy splash of punk attitude and preferably with just a hint of a Billy Idol snarl. What does it do once you've served it? Well let's just say it's raucous, naughty and it means to have relations with you. Once you've had one of these two tracks served to you we would recommend you seek advice from a reputable physician immediately. Night night.


  1. 1. Stylus Over Substance (Original Mix) (06:57)
  2. 2. Baptism Of Fire (Original Mix) (07:53)
  3. 3. Stylus Over Substance (Radio Edit) (03:59)
  4. 4. Baptism Of Fire (Radio Edit) (03:48)
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