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onTune & Blue Silence X Alex - Toronto (Back & Forth 4.0 Official Anthem)

March 15, 2019
Staking its claim as the official anthem of the latest edition of Polish festival Back & Forth, ‘Toronto’ sees onTune, Blue Silence and Alex obliterate main stages by the dozen. Coming with a fast-paced, uplifting remix from Eric Senn, this high-impact theme song bears the Reaching Altitude mark for a reason.

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  1. 1. Toronto (Back & Forth 4.0 Official Anthem) (03:18)
  2. 2. Toronto (Back & Forth 4.0 Official Anthem) (Eric Senn Remix) (02:39)
  3. 3. Toronto (Back & Forth 4.0 Official Anthem) (Extended Mix) (05:35)
  4. 4. Toronto (Back & Forth 4.0 Official Anthem) (Eric Senn Extended Remix) (04:17)
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