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Omnia feat. Melissa Loretta - Halo

March 22, 2012
In a quest to find the perfect melody line, Omnia has made quite a few fans along the way. And so he will, with his new track 'Halo'. A deep vocal trancer that simply glows. On the rise since his first remixes and originals came out in 2008, along with his beloved collaborations with The Blizzard, have made Omnia one of Ukraine's fastest rising producers. The trance scene embraced his bright, warm melodies and praise him for his flowing soundscapes. 'Halo' is another jewel to be added to his discography. With the tender vocals of Melissa Loretta, it slowly but steady crawls under your skin. A strong prog-trance track that shows just how perfectly well Omnia knows how to deal with vocals. UK producer Dan Stone took the melodic core of 'Halo' and gave it a fine, energetic stir of up-beat trance. A great remix for the later hours in the club.


  1. 1. Halo (Original Mix) (07:33)
  2. 2. Halo (Dan Stone Remix) (06:52)
  3. 3. Halo (Radio Edit) (03:58)
  4. 4. Halo (Dan Stone Remix Edit) (03:16)
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