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Oakenfold feat. Tamra - Sleep

November 07, 2011
Paul Oakenfold, producing under the more commercial Oakenfold banner, recruits the beautiful vocals of Tamra to complete 2 cover versions of past classics. The first being this beautifully crafted take on the classic Azure Ray hit "Can't Sleep". As featured on Paul's forthcoming "We Are Planet Perfecto" compilation album which sees a full worldwide release this November the Perfecto Club Mix is a sublime laid back melodic take on the record where the vocals are allowed ample room to breathe. The super hot Marcus Schossow takes things up a gear with a prime time mix that will surely be a hit with DJs from a variety of different genres. The legendary Tilt are back on the label they carved a global name for themselves in the 90's and beyond, delivering a more traditional sounding Perfecto Mix with the kind of long delaying trance elements that long-term Perfecto fans will love. A darker Perfecto Mix comes from Sterbinszky who creates a completely unique take on the track with darker minor chord progressions and big electro house synth sounds. And no package could be complete without quality remixes from in house Perfecto talent. Hot on the heels of his truly stunning remix of the Lady Antebellum cover of "Need You Now" Kenneth Thomas shows how diverse his versatile repertoire really is with a driving dub step mix while Robert Vadney takes things in a more super cool progressive trance direction. His use of minor chords and complete manipulation of the vocal phrasing give the track a completely new identity, which will no doubt be a hit with the Perfecto massive.


  1. 0. Sleep (Perfecto Club Mix) (05:58)
  2. 0. Sleep (Marcus Schossow Perfecto Mix) (06:45)
  3. 0. Sleep (Tilt Perfecto Mix) (08:11)
  4. 0. Sleep (Sterbinszky Perfecto Mix) (07:45)
  5. 0. Sleep (Kenneth Thomas Perfecto Mix) (05:29)
  6. 0. Sleep (Robert Vadney Perfecto Mix) (07:10)
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