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Rex Mundi featuring Susana - Nothing At All

December 14, 2009
It's guaranteed. 'Nothing At All' won't leave your mind anytime soon. A dark, progressive Coldharbour track that moves you, and lingers for a long time to go. And we're not just talking about body movement here. 'Nothing At All' puts you to thoughts, and won't put you back to reality until the very last beat has faded. It's the excellent producing work of Boy Hageman, aka Rex Mundi, and the strong voice of Susana that fused into this speaker shattering beauty. Rex Mundi, known for his solid 'Perspective' , ' Passage in Time' and 'Leaving Paradise', managed to build a heavy weight, moody progressive track with a powerful break, while Susana gave her best to make the vocals carry the track to a higher level. 'Nothing At All' has already been causing quite a stir on Markus Schulz' 'Toronto ' 09' compilation and playlisted by the big DJ's around, and will surely continue to do so after its release. For the remix-matters, Beat Service, Elevation and Funabashi were called in. Estonian producer Madis Sillamo, residing under the Beat Service moniker, gave a completely different feel to 'Nothing At All'. Remarkably uplifting and housy in the build-up and moody progressive on the breaks, his remix couldn't be more different from the original, in a good way. American producer Mike Targanski, aka Elevation, made all of 'Nothing At All' big room fit, with a strong, Coldharbour sounding remix. And last but not least, the Funabashi gentlemen reworked the track to an outstanding, trancier-than-trancy remix.


  1. 0. Nothing At All (Radio Edit) (03:12)
  2. 0. Nothing At All (Original Mix) (08:37)
  3. 0. Nothing At All (Funabashi Uplifting Remix) (07:45)
  4. 0. Nothing At All (Elevation Remix) (08:28)
  5. 0. Nothing At All (Beat Service Juicy Remix) (09:36)
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