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Nightstylers feat. Ashley Benjamin - Break Of Day - The Theme / Up Your Rumpa

April 16, 2012
After making their grand debut with 'The More I See', the Nightstylers project brings us some more action for the dance floor! Here's 'Up Your Rumpa' and 'Break of Day (The Theme')! A dream team of producers guises under The Nightstylers. This new project is run by Andrew Galea, Marc JB and Patrick Ruane. While Andrew and Patrick rocked crowds as part of The Freestylers, Marc JB got us moving with Bimbo Jones. This time, they're in it together and there's no other way to get masses move than to turn up the volume on their new duo of tracks! 'Up Your Rumpa' is the kind of track that lures you in. A melodic maze, driven by a sturdy prog-house beat makes this one a real peak-timer. 'The Theme', coming as a heavy-weight instrumental or with vocals by Ashley Benjamin under the 'Break Of Day' title, is a contagious, slighty techy houser. Two treats for everyone into this warm sound.


  1. 1. Break Of Day - The Theme (Original Mix) (07:45)
  2. 2. The Theme (Original Mix) (07:45)
  3. 3. Up Your Rumpa (Original Mix) (08:19)
  4. 4. Break Of Day - The Theme (Radio Edit) (03:33)
  5. 5. The Theme (Radio Edit) (03:33)
  6. 6. Up Your Rumpa (Radio Edit) (03:20)
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