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Nifra - Strangers

August 15, 2011
In a scene dominated by men, lady Nifra stands her ground. After being introduced to her producing skills with 'Ready' on Coldharbour in 2008 and 'Complicated Life' on AVA in 2009, the Slovakian DJ/producer returns to the Soundpiercing label with 'Strangers'. Combining the soft female touch of sensitivity with a punchy kick that blows up the speakers, 'Strangers' takes you in from its very first play. The Vocal mix has the warmth of a sultry summer night, melodic and mesmerizing, while the Dub Mix focuses on the progressive side of trance with energetic kicks, a strong build-up and all the right beats to draw you in. A great addition to the festivals and hot summer nights of the upcoming months! Maltese producer Jo Micali gave 'Strangers' a delicate uplifting trance shake, melodic and filled with energy


  1. 0. Nifra - Strangers (Dub Mix) (06:54)
  2. 0. Nifra - Strangers (Jo Micali Remix) (08:36)
  3. 0. Nifra - Strangers (Vocal Mix) (06:55)
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