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Nick Sentience - Nocturnal E.P.

August 02, 2010
He's always had his very own, special sound. Within ten years of producing and DJ'ing professionally , the British DJ and producer Nick Sentience released two outstanding artist albums, countless remixes and a broad range of high quality productions. Now, with his new double release 'Nocturnal' and 'Kinetic', the future anthem alert once again resounds across the global floors. With 'Nocturnal', Nick breaks out of his recent production pattern, as heard on previous tracks 'Meridian' and 'Electrify'. 'Nocturnal' is twisting and turning with a range of effects and sounds. Right next to these acid-related elements, a marvelous melody leads your way through this perfect, midnight fit anthem. 'Kinetic', on the other hand, is one big, crouching tiger of a track, seductive and with great impact. Having already raised the roof off ASOT 450 in New York and Cream Amnesia this summer when played by Subculture label boss John O'Callaghan, two tracks that show Nick Sentience is in shape, and making a path for more anthems to follow.


  1. 0. Nocturnal (Original Mix) (07:12)
  2. 0. Kinetic (Original Mix) (07:18)
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