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NERVO feat. Ollie James - Irresistible

October 04, 2010
'Irresistible' – not only is it the name of a new intoxicating house smasher, but also a perfect description for the work of its creators, Liv and Mim Nervo. Whatever this duo touches turns into pure danceable gold. Famous for catchy vocal lines, cheerful melodies and rousing beats, the scene's big names keep on requesting their song-writing talent. The outcome, like Armin van Buuren’s ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ and David Guetta’s ‘When Love Takes Over’, prove that the Australian twin sisters deliver everything you need for stunning chart success. 'This Kind Of Love’, that hit the stores earlier this year, already proved that Liv’s and Mim’s song-writing talent combined with the vocals of British singer Ollie James are a win. Never change a winning team, they thought, and now present a new, straight forward, delicate floor filler: 'Irrestistible' . Led by Ollie's vocals and euphoric in all ways, it gets stuck in your head for days - without any signs of boredom. On the remix, Dutch DJ and producer Sideway comes along with harder sounds and focuses in his rework on strangely sounds in the back. Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54 on the contrary offer a deeper but still absolutely summer sounding translation of the track. Indeed ‘Irresistible’!


  1. 0. Irresistible (Extended Mix) (06:15)
  2. 0. Irresistible (Sideways Extended Mix) (07:24)
  3. 0. Irresistible (Myon and Shane 54 Vocal Mix) (07:16)
  4. 0. Irresistible (Sideways Dub Mix) (07:24)
  5. 0. Irresistible (Myon and Shane 54 Dub Mix) (07:15)
  6. 0. Irresistible (Radio Mix) (03:08)
  7. 0. Irresistible (Sideways Radio Mix) (03:22)
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