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Neal Scarborough - Sequoia

August 22, 2011
Big beat bass, hard-hitting impact and melodic strength. That's what the tunes of Neal Scarborough are all about. Together with John O'Callaghan, his name rose to fame when their Inertia track 'The Chamber' burst onto the trance scene in 2005. The Irishman took his turn on the solo path in 2007 and first hit in with 'Madagascar' and 'Panama'. In 2010, he found a new home to his productions at John O'Callaghan's very own Subculture label, as he released the quality trancer of 'Kanya'. In 2011, with the summer season in full swing, Neal provides us new stuff to dance to. Kicking in with pure energy, is 'Sequioa'. A deep blend of progressive, trance and techno takes over as soon as 'Sequioa' starts rocking the speakers. It's melodic. It's contagious. And it's about to rock your EDM-loving body. Ukraine trance duo Monada have 'Sequioa' that extra punch of energy, turning it into a real anthem for the early morning hours of any type of trance party. Danish producer Daniel Kandi, a remix-legend in the making, shows to have been the perfect name on remix duties for 'Sequioa'. Feeding you with the essence of trance, his remix boosts the beats, melody and synths like no other. This is one big trip into trance and its mesmerizing effect.


  1. 0. Sequoia (Original Mix) (06:52)
  2. 0. Sequoia (Daniel Kandi's Bangin' Mix) (07:06)
  3. 0. Sequoia (Monada Remix) (08:50)
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