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Nato Medrado - Without Name

June 16, 2017
Music has the power to unite people and cultures the world over. It can tell a tale as dynamic as life itself, without having to rely on words to convey its emotion. It doesn’t even need a name to touch its listeners’ hearts and that’s exactly what Brazilian musician Nato Medrado shows with his latest body of work. ‘Without Name’ has many faces, as each song is the chapter of a story. From the serenity and emotion in ‘Memories’ to vibrant creation ‘Small Room’ and atmospheric cut ‘Soulless’, Nato Medrado’s full-fledged masterpiece is as versatile as it is remarkable. This isn’t an album to remember by its name, but by the astounding songs it holds. A name will eventually lose its battle against time. But the feeling you get from this kind of music will stay with you forever.
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