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Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer - Nasty

September 09, 2013
The Argentina boys of Heatbeat and Chris Schweizer are in the hood, so you'd best brace yourselves. The first of hopefully many more collabs of these rising talents, is the hard-rocking 'Nasty'! Nasty never tasted this good. Buenos Aires seems to be one big pool of talent. It's not only home to the sounds of Chris Schweizer - a young gun that's known for his 'Reflection', 'Iris', 'Let's Rock' and that playful thing 'The Kraken', but also to the rocker monsters of Heatbeat. These boys joined up for a tasty bit of producing, resulting in a perfectly balanced tune of electro energy, trance melody and house power. 'Nasty' is that one tune that keeps you going for just a little longer, no matter what nightly hour it is!


  1. 1. Nasty (Original Mix) (06:05)
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