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Nash & Pepper feat. Rogue Raven - Rain In Summertime

October 10, 2011
Belgian producer duo Nash & Pepper are responsible for some of the most touching beat-ballads our label has ever heard. Together with singer Rogue Raven, the duo put a magical touch to the dance floor with tracks 'Am I Wrong' and 'Changed'. Emotional, heart-rending themes, in contrast to their new musical ammo: 'Rain In Summertime'. If you're looking for a feel-good piece of music with a real after-summer-vibe, turn up the volume on the new Nash & Pepper. On the Soundpiercing label, they unlock a warm, joyful track with deep bass, a strong melodic flow and soothing vocals by Rogue Raven. If you're in it to extend summer, let this one pour all over you like golden drops of musical bliss! French producer Klems gave 'Rain In Summertime' a dark, but melodic stir of progressive-trance. The Nash, Lake & Palmer remix is much more minimalistic, with deep, proggy bass and slow sweeps of melody, while Mr. K presents an uplifting remix with a progressive-house touch. Last but not least, Nash & Pepper present a down-tempo, relaxing chill mix of 'Rain In Summertime', perfect for cocktail- lounging moments.


  1. 0. Rain In Summertime (Original Club Mix) (06:12)
  2. 0. Rain In Summertime (Nash, Lake & Palmer Remix) (05:49)
  3. 0. Rain In Summertime (Klems Remix) (07:28)
  4. 0. Rain In Summertime (Mr. K. Remix) (05:52)
  5. 0. Rain In Summertime (Chill Mix) (03:31)
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